Horses and sleighs

in the Village of Light

Horses and sleighs in the Village of Light
Horses and sleighs in the Village of Light

Horses and sleighs in the Village of Light

Coming to Tartu this festive season to provide sleigh rides will be our good friends Passion and Poltergeist, the Tori horses. This time the horses will be here for a whole day before the lighting of Tartu’s Christmas lights, on the evening of Saturday 30 November.

As the name of their breed suggests, their home is the Laane stables in Tori municipality, just outside of Pärnu. Both horses are in their prime: in human terms they are young men of just over 20 years old. They spend most of the autumn months free to pursue their own interests with the herd out in the fields. When Christmas comes around, however, they’re put to work in Tartu once more to earn their keep for the winter ahead. After the sleigh rides in Tartu they’ll have another break until the end of May.

P.S. It may so happen that from time to time two mares – Ortensia and Priisa – are holding the fort for them in Tartu.

During the sleigh rides in Christmas City Tartu you will once again be in the good hands of drivers Jaanus and Janek, whom many of you have befriended. Jaanus, who is from one of the best-known Estonian families of horse breeders, manages important matters at Laane stables and is one of the few men around who can handle a six-horse team.


The horses and sleighs will be on Town Hall Square from 15:30-20:00 on 30 November and on 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30 & 31 December.

P.S. Some great news for people who want a later ride: sometimes it’s a good idea to call Jaanus on the number below – from time to time, and provided there are people interested, he can stay in the Village of Light a little longer.


Price: €6 per person per sleigh ride (children up to the age of 3 ride free).

Contact details for sleigh rides: +372 528 6284 (Jaanus Kallaste, also speaks Horse)