Ponies in the Village of Light
Ponies in the Village of Light

Ponies in the Village of Light

Pony rides in the Village of Light

Children already know that the Village of Light on Tartu’s Town Hall Square is a place for making new friends and cherished memories. This holiday season, Viki, Zimba and Zera from the Kakumetsa stables will be helping to make that happen. Viki, Zimba and Zera are ponies! 🐴❤️

Viki, a small pony gelding, is the children’s unrivalled favourite. He’ll be arriving at Town Hall Square as if straight from a toy shop – that’s just how cute he is, inside and out. Viki is seven years old and stands one metre tall at the withers.

Zimba, a Shetland pony mare, is eight years old and about 85 centimetres tall at the withers. Zimba is a real beauty with a sweet personality. Even the smallest of riders will have a great time with her.

Zera, also a Shetland pony mare, is nine years old and stands 95 centimetres tall at the withers. Energetic and lively by nature, Zera looks like she could be related to Pippi Longstocking – some of Pippi’s freckles seem to have made their way onto Zera’s back…

The ponies will be coming to the Village of Light from their cosy home stables in the village of Kakumetsa in Luunja, where they have lived for the past three years.


The ponies will be on Town Hall Square to give children rides as follows:
Mondays (2 December-6 January): 17:30-19:30
(4 December-8 January): 17:30-19:30
Fridays (6 December-3 January): 17:30-19:30
Saturdays & Sundays (7 December-5 January): 16:00-19:00

Please bear in mind that Viki, Zimba and Zera will be working in the Village of Light in shifts and won’t be offering rides all at the same time.

Note: If conditions are icy, if it is sleeting or if a blizzard is blowing, the ponies will stay at home. The same applies if the temperature dips below -20.


Price: €4 per child per ride

Contact details for pony rides: +372 5632 1299 (Angela Tali)