Santa Winter Games 2019
Santa Winter Games 2019

Santa Winter Games 2019

8 December
3.30 p.m. – Santa Winter Games 2019

Children spending time in the fresh air, taking an athletic approach to life and having a laugh are all very important to Tartu. An event that has secured its place in sports history – the Santa Winter Games on Town Hall Square – embodies all these goals!

Two years of enthusiastic sporting have also shown that fathers love this event. It’s not like you could race around Town Hall Square on a scooter without anyone being in your way at any other time of year!

That’s why the Estonian Society of Santas and Christmas City Tartu will be holding the Santa Winter Games every other Advent Sunday. Spectators and children with their families will be welcome on Town Hall Square at 15:30 on 8 December to take part in a fun competition.

Among the competitors will be families from the Vanemuine Theatre, Estonian National Museum, Kristina Šmigun-Vähi and others. The games will be commentated on by Marko Kaljuveer.


Shaté Dance School will take care of brisk warm-ups and stretches.

Cool prizes are being provided by Aura Water Centre and Estonian National Museum. Thank you!